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Dogs & Puppies - Next Day Pets - www.nextdaypets.com

Provides a venue for dog rescues and shelters to find quality homes for adult dogs and puppies with information for 150+ dog breeds and pet supplies. Includes a dogs & puppies website directory and dog names.

Pap 911 Rescue and Adoption - www.pap911rescue.org

Dedicated to rescuing puppy mill dogs

Afghan Hound National Rescue - www.afghanhound.net

Airedale Regional Rescue - www.airedalerescue.net/

Akita Club of America Rescue - www.akitaclub.org

Belgian Malinois Rescue - www.malinoisrescue.org

American Belgian Tervuran Rescue Links - www.abtc.org/rescuecontacts.htm

American Black & Tan Rescue - www.coonhoundrescue.com/

American Bloodhound Club Rescue - www.bloodhounds.org/page3/where.html

American Bouvier Rescue League - www.bouvier.org/ABRL/rescue.html

American Boxer Rescue Web Sites - www.americanboxerclub.org/boxersitesrescue.html

American Brittany Rescue - americanbrittanyrescue.org/

American Brussels Griffon Rescue - www.brusselsgriffonrescue.org/

American Bullmastiff Rescue - bullmastiff.us

American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Rescue - www.ackcsc.org

American Chesapeake Rescue - www.amchessieclub.org/rescue.html

American Chinese Crested Rescue - www.crest-care.net/

American Eskimo Rescue - Heart Bandits - www.heartbandits.com/

Affenpinscher Rescue - www.affenrescue.org/

American Fox Terrier - www.aftc.org/#rescue

American Foxhound Rescue - foxhoundrescue.org/

American Lhasa Apso Rescue - www.lhasaapsorescue.org/

American Maltese Rescue - www.americanmaltese.org

American Manchester Terrier Rescue - clubs.akc.org/mtca/

American Miniature Schnauzer Rescue - amsc.us/rescue.html

American Polish Lowland Sheepdog Rescue - www.aponc.com/rescue_adoption.html

American Pomeranian Rescue - americanpomeranianclub.org

NoVa Rottweiler Rescue - www.md-novarotties.org/

American Shetland Sheepdog Rescue - www.assa.org

American Shih Tzu Rescue - www.shihtzu.org/ASTC/rescue.asp?menu=ASTC

American Spaniel Rescue - www.asc-cockerspaniel.org/breed/rescue.asp

American Water Spaniel Rescue - www.americanwaterspanielclub.org/new2/index2.html

American Whippet Rescue - www.whippet-rescue.com/roster.html

American Wirehaired Pointing Griffion Rescue - www.awpga.com/rescue.htm

National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue - www.nasrn.org/

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue - www.acdca.org/committees/rescue.html

American Pointer Rescue - www.pointerrescue.org/

Australian Terrier Rescue - australianterrier.org/rescue.html

Basenji Rescue - www.basenji.org

Basset Hound Rescue - www.basset-bhca.org

Bearded Collie Rescue - beardie.net/bcca/rescue.htm

Bedlington Terrier Rescue - bedlingtonamerica.com

Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue - www.barcinc.net/pages/1/index.htm

Belgian Sheepdog Rescue - www.bsdrescue.com

Bichon Frise Rescue - www.bichon.org

Border Collie Rescue - www.bordercolliesociety.com/index_bcrescue.htm

Border Terrier Rescue - clubs.akc.org/btcoa/rescuefr.htm

Boston Terrier Rescue - www.bostonterrierclubofamerica.org/rescue.html

Briard Rescue - www.briardclubofamerica.org/Rescue/index.htm

Bull Terrier Rescue - www.btca.com/rescue/index.html

Bulldog Rescue - www.rescuebulldogs.org/

Cairn Terrier Rescue - www.cairnterrier.org/rescue/

Canaan Dog Rescue - www.canaandogrescue.com

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Rescue - www.cardigancorgis.com

Chihuahua Rescue - www.chihuahua-rescue.com/

Chinese Shar-Pei Rescue - www.cspca.com/rescue.htm

Chow Chow Rescue - www.chowclub.org/

Clumber Spaniel Rescue - www.clumbers.org

Collie Rescue - www.collieclubofamerica.org/rescue.php

Curly-Coated Retriever Rescue - www.ccrca.org

Dachshund Rescue of North America - www.drna.org/

Dalmatian Rescue - www.thedca.org/rescue.html

Dandie Dinmont Terrier Rescue - clubs.akc.org/ddtca/finding/rescue.htm

Doberman Pinscher Rescue - www.dpcacope.org/

English Cocker Spaniel Rescue - www.ecsca.org

English Setter Rescue - www.esaa.com/rescue.html

English Springer Spaniel Rescue - www.essfta.org/essfta/rescue.htm

English Toy Spaniel Rescue - www.netpets.com/dogs/dogresc/breeds/dogetoy.html

Field Spaniel Rescue - clubs.akc.org/fssa/breedrescue.html

Finnish Spitz Rescue - www.rescue.finnishspitzclub.org/

Flat-Coated Retriever Rescue - www.fcrsainc.org/rescue.html

French Bulldog Rescue - www.frenchbulldogrescue.org/

German Shepherd Dog Rescue - www.agsra.com/

German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue - www.gspca.org

German Wirehaired Pointer Rescue - www.gwpca.com/rescue.htm

Giant Schnauzer Rescue - www.giantschnauzerclubofamerica.com/Rescue/index.htm

Golden Retriever Rescue - www.grca-nrc.org/

Gordon Setter Rescue - www.gsca.org/Rescue/rescue.html

Great Dane Rescue - www.gdca.org/rescue.htm

Great Pyrenees Rescue - clubs.akc.org/gpca/gpcaresq.html

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue - www.gsmdca.org/Rescue.htm

Greyhound Rescue - www.greyhoundclubofamerica.org/rescue_gcoa.html

Harrier Rescue - www.harrierclubofamerica.com/rescue.html

Havanese Rescue - www.havanese.org/hcaRescue.htm

Ibizan Hound Rescue - www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/2446/rescue.htm

Irish Setter Rescue - www.irishsetterclub.org/

Irish Terrier Rescue - www.dogbiz.com/dogs-grp4/irish-t/it-rescue-info.htm

Irish Water Spaniel - clubs.akc.org/iwsc

Irish Wolfhound Rescue - www.iwclubofamerica.org/rescue.htm

Italian Greyhound - www.italiangreyhound.org

Jack Russell Terrier Rescue - www.russellrescue.com/

Japanese Chin Rescue - www.japanesechinrescue.org/

Keeshond Rescue - www.keeshond.org/

Komondor Rescue - clubs.akc.org/kca/kca.htm

Kuvasz Rescue - www.kuvasz-rescue.com/

Labrador Retriever Rescue - www.thelabradorclub.com/rescue/

Mastiff Rescue - mastiff.org/exhibit-hall/rescue/

Miniature Pinscher Rescue - www.minpin.org/rescue.htm

Beagle Rescue - clubs.akc.org/NBC/beagle_rescue.htm

Shiba Inu Rescue - www.shibas.org/rescue.html

Newfoundland Rescue - www.newfdogclub.org/Main_Sub_Pages/ws13_rescue.htm

Norwegian Elkhound Rescue - www.neaa.net/rescue.shtml

Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Rescue - www.norwichandnorfolkterrier.org/rescue.html

Old English Sheepdog Rescue - www.oldenglishsheepdogclubofamerica.org

Otterhound Rescue - clubs.akc.org/ohca/#find

Papillon Rescue - www.papillonclub.org/rescue/

Pekingese Rescue - www.pcfinc.org/

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Rescue - www.pembrokecorgi.org/rescue.html

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Rescue - www.pbgv.org

Poodle Rescue - www.poodleclubofamerica.org/usamap.htm

Portuguese Water Dog Rescue - www.pwdca.org/rescue.html

Pug Dog Rescue - www.pugs.org/rescue.htm

Puli Rescue - www.puliclub.org/PCARescue.htm

Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue - rrcus.org/assets/html/rescue/index_rescue.htm

Saluki Rescue - www.salukiclub.org

Samoyed Rescue - www.samoyed.org/samrescue.html

Schipperke Rescue - www.schipperkeclub-usa.org/

Scottish Deerhound Rescue - www.deerhound.org/rescue.htm

Scottish Terrier - clubs.akc.org/stca/rescue.htm

Siberian Husky Rescue - www.siberianrescue.com/

Skye Terrier Rescue - clubs.akc.org/skye/html/rescue_news.html

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Rescue - www.scwtca.org

Spinone Rescue - www.spinone.com/frRescue.htm

St. Bernard Rescue - www.saintbernardclub.org/rescue.htm

Staffordshire Bull Terrier - clubs.akc.org/sbtci/rehome/SBTCIRehome.html

Standard Schnauzer Rescue - standardschnauzer.org

Tibetan Spaniel Rescue - tsca.ws/rescue.php

Tibetan Terrier Rescue - www.ttca-online.org/cgi-bin/rescue.pl

Australian Shepherd Rescue - www.australianshepherds.org/rescue.html

Kerry Blue Terrier Rescue - www.uskbtc.com/category.php/9

Lakeland Terrier Rescue - clubs.akc.org/usltc/rescue.htm

Vizsla Rescue - clubs.akc.org/vizsla/rescue.htm

Weimaraner Rescue - www.weimrescue.org/

Welsh Springer Spaniel Rescue - clubs.akc.org/wssca/

Welsh Terrier Rescue - www.wtcares.org/

West Highland White Terrier Rescue - www.westieclubamerica.com/rescue/

Yorkshire Terrier Rescue - www.ytca.org/rescue.html

Alaskan Malamute Rescue - www.malamuterescue.org/

UK National Missing Pets Register - www.nationalpetregister.org

The UK National Missing Pet Register provides a range of services for pet owners who can search our comprehensive UK missing pets and lost pets