About The Artist

About the Artist

Jan Taylor has been designing jewelry since 1975 when she opened a fine jewelry store.  For 22 years, she perfected her skills of designing custom jewelry for customers. 
In 2000, Jan started 14k9 with the goal of creating jewelry for animal lovers and since then has crafted thousands of pieces.  Every design is hand sculpted by Jan whose passion for creating affordable, high-quality jewelry still runs deep in her veins. 
14k9 is a member of the Better Business Bureau and Jan has received the gold star award several times for the ethical way that she runs her business. 

What Sets 14K-9 Apart

Jan Taylor, Sculptor, Jewelry Designer

A Company You Can Trust

I have been in the jewelry business since 1975 with an excellent reputation. I am a member of the Better Business Bureau and recipient of their Gold Star Award for many years. I have never had a complaint registered against me - EVER. My website boasts many testimonials from people like you, who have been inspired to let others know how pleased they are with their purchase.

Registered Trademark

My stamp, registered with the US Treasury Department and displayed on each piece of jewelry, signifies that the quality is accurate. If it is stamped “14K” it is guaranteed to be 14K. I do not reuse metal. All of the casting metals are made with new casting grains. This ensures a quality finish, true color and a lasting piece.
(Compare this to other jewelers.)

Experience = Excellent Workmanship

For 22 years I owned and operated a fine gold jewelry store where I made thousands of custom pieces for my clients. 16 years ago I incorporated 14K-9 as a business and registered my trademark. I have 38 years of jewelry designing and manufacturing experience including diamond and gemstone expertise. In those 22 years of operating a brick-and-mortar jewelry store, I saw what lasts and what breaks. I learned how to listen to my clients to successfully make custom jewelry that pleases them.

I Do All My Own Sculpting

For years I have attempted to find other artists to sculpt for me. I have tried out many people, but have not found anyone who can sculpt to my standards.

30 Day Return Policy

I want you to be completely satisfied. If you are not pleased with a 14K-9 piece, you may always return it within 30 days of receipt for a refund or exchange.

A Passion for Quality

Today’s consumers are passionate in their quest for substance, quality and lasting value. I am passionate about making affordable jewelry designs without sacrificing the quality.

You will not see us at very many dog shows, however, if you do, this is what we look like.


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