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Accessory Ideas

Design Your Own Accessories. Below are Accessory designs which can be made
with your breed in Gold, Silver, or combination of these metals.

Tie Bar Examples

Tie Bars can be made without a safety chain. Add $403 to your breed for a standard (Tie Bar 1) tie bar or $1,068 more for a solid hand made tie bar and $136 for a safety chain (Tie Bar 2).

Custom tie bars are available. Please contact us with your ideas.

Tie Tack & Lapel Pin Examples

Any pendant can be made into a tie tack or lapel pin, and of course stones are an additional cost. We use our own double pin design of a tie tack back which prevents the dog from spinning around on the tie.
For heavier lapel pins, we use two pins and backs for added safety.

Tie Chain Examples

Tie chains are ideal for men who don't want to poke holes in those expensive ties. The oval goes into the shirt button which holds the tie.

Money Clip Examples

We use a very heavy solid Sterling silver money clip and add the 14K gold breed study to it which works out very well. Any gold breed study can be converted to a Sterling silver money clip. We can also make a solid gold money clip. Please contact us for more information.

Cuff Link Examples

Any breed study can be designed into a pair of cuff links. We also can frame smaller studies like Example 2, and make it in two-toned gold.

Sterling Silver Key Rings
Below are some key ring examples, any silver pendant can be made into a key ring by adding either of the key rings to your order.

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Sterling Silver oval key ring
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Sterling Silver round key ring
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Silver Key Ring Examples

Sterling Silver large Domed paw key ring
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Sterling Silver large standing Lhasa Apso key ring
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Sterling silver large Labrador Retriever head study w/circle key ring
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Sterling silver large gaiting Cairn Terrier Key ring
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Gold Key Ring Examples