Ribbons Collection

Gold and Silver Ribbons, Show Off that Awesome Win

We can help you commemorate those great achievements with a piece of custom jewelry from our ribbons collection. We offer pendants, rings, bracelets, earrings, pins and anklets and can keep that memory alive with a unique design that shows off your win and specifically suits your taste and pocketbook. Reward yourself with a piece of jewelry from our ribbons collection because you deserve it. Relive that win every time you look at your special ribbon made of quality from 14K-9.

We offer a wide assortment of BIS (Best In Show), BISS (Best In Show and Specialty) and Group winning designs, all of which can be make in solid 14K or 18K gold (yellow or white) and in Sterling Silver, with a Rhodium plate or 14K gold plate. The Sterling Silver ribbons make an affordable alternative to the solid gold ribbon versions. To view the size, please click on the picture and it will bring up a picture of it on a ruler scale. Whether you are looking for a ring, pendant, brooch, earrings, tie pin or bracelet, we are very capable to design that special piece just for you.

These designs can be made with any color of stones, natural or synthetic. We can change the writing to say anything. So, for instance if you have a HIT and like a certain BISS ribbon, we can make this ribbon for you saying HIT and design it with any color of stones, or no stones at all. Virtually, whatever your needs are, we can make a piece to fit them. If you see a ribbon without lettering, in most cases we can make this ribbon with whatever you want it to say. As always, our jewelry designer is just a phone call or email away; and is ready to help you design a piece as special as that win.

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