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Tiny Silver Dog Charms, Tiny Prices

Our tiny silver jewelry collection showcases the magnificence of your breed of dog in miniature. These sterling silver charms, earrings and rings make great gifts for any occasion.

Getting started is easy. Once you’ve selected your tiny silver dog charm, you’re ready to start customizing your silver jewelry. We can frame them in a heart, circle, rectangle or oval. We can even add a tiny diamond or a tiny birthstone to celebrate your dog’s birthday. To see your specific breed pictured in any of these variations, please email us and we will give you a quote and send you a picture. Remember, when you purchase the charm and chain combination, you save. If silver jewelry doesn’t suit your taste, all our breeds are available in our Tiny 14K Gold Collection. If you’d like to see any of the charms in any of the variations we offer, please email us. We’re happy to provide a quote and picture.