Old To New Again

Old to New Again

Out with the old and in with the new… using the old.  Now you can turn your unused gold and stones into a new piece of jewelry you’ll be proud to wear!  It’s easy—just follow the steps below to create a stunning piece of dog-inspired jewelry.
Here are the details:

  1. Take your old gold to a jewelry store you trust and have it weighed.  If you have white gold and yellow gold, have each weighed separately. 
  2. Email or call us with the weight of the gold and the design you’ve chosen.  We can also custom design a piece for you.  We’ll give you a price for the piece you’d like.  Our phone number is 1-800-733-8188 and our email address is 14k9@14k9.com
  3. We’ll reset your stones and recast the gold to make your new piece.
  4. You’ll have a brand new piece that you’ll love using gold you weren’t using! 
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